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The gift of chocolate

My Cacao Journey

I first became aware of the awe-inspiring effects and health benefits of consuming raw cacao when my friend Ella started making chocolates and giving them as gifts. These little delights bought me so much joy. She shared with me a desire to create chocolates with medicinal properties and I thought that was a brilliant idea. How amazing that something that tastes so good and feels like such a treat can also do us so much good. I asked Ella for a chocolate making class and she shared her skills and secrets with me.

I started making guarana energy truffles for nights out, parties and festivals. These potent energy balls gave me the power to dance all night without the nasty comedown. I combined raw cacao with dates, coconut oil, ground almonds and guarana, these truffles were immensely popular among my friends.

After moving to Bristol, I didn't think too much more about cacao until I was invited to the wild chocolate club. This involved a cacao ceremony followed by an ecstatic dance. This night of dancing left me feeling open, vulnerable, loved up and blissed out. The heart opening cacao and ecstatic dancing is definitely a winning combination.

My interest in cacao was then deepened by my friend Milly, founder of moontime chocolates who creates different flavours of raw chocolates to support women at different stages of their menstrual cycle. This got me thinking about how cacao can support us through our life journeys.

Cacao and Massage

After moving back to Bristol and starting to establish my massage practice I realised that the open-hearted euphoric feeling that you get from consuming cacao along with the multitude of health benefits would be a lovely and loving companion to the healing touch I use in massage.

I find that massage gives a release from the stresses and pressures of everyday. It gives us the opportunity to fully relax and let go. To sink into our bodies and out of our heads. To stop thinking and just feel.

After a massage, I feel so comfortable and content but can be disappointed in how that feeling fades faster than I would like as I head back into the real wold.

I am always looking for things I can offer to my clients to help them keep hold of the effects of their massage a little while longer. When I do more remedial work I offer stretches to help keep muscles relaxed so they can continue to heal themselves. I always suggest drinking lots of water as massage improves circulation so staying hydrated and helps to flush out any toxins released during the massage. Sometimes I suggest a hot shower or bath, this also helps to keep muscles relaxed for longer.

When I thought of giving an organic handmade raw chocolate to every client after their massage, I felt was really onto something. Raw chocolate opens the heart and relaxes the body. It boosts serotonin, dopamine and all sorts of other neurochemicals that make us feel euphoric - the perfect gift for clients to help them bring the effects of massage into their daily life and keep them going a little longer.

I am now in the process of creating different flavoured chocolates to give after massages depending on how clients are in that moment and the reasons they are seeking massage.

These chocolates are one of the many lovingly created aspects of the Touch Talk and Tailored Massage experience that we look forward to taking to festivals this summer.

With love,


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